In this first article of the year 2022 I want to reflect on the last year and share my plans for the new year.

Firstly, let's realise that the story of the new year exist only in our shared belief. In the real world nothing happened, but we believe it is a new start. If life is a game, then a new year is a new level.

I started the year 2021 with tension. I wanted to change my job, but after many interviews I haven't got any interesting offer. Additionally, in my private life things were not moving forward. I was not home for one year. Finding a flat in Zürich is mission impossible.

Today I am happy to have a new job at a tech company and visited my family. Also, I received my new work permit which gives tax benefits in Switzerland.

What are my plans for this year? The flat hunt still continues, once we receive the new car, it will be easier to manage all the flat visits.

I will master the functional programming language Elixir and use it for my side projects. I continue UX as my profession, however I am exploring new options to reinvent my career path. One possible direction is to further merge design and coding.

After 10 years in the IT industry I feel it is time to share what I learned. This topic will take up also some part of my focus this year. Let's get back to work...