What do I need for a career change?

A short list of my initial assumptions at the beginning of my career change from Software Engineer to UX Designer. Plus comments about how I see things today:

  • with developer background it will be super fast to get into UX => it all depends on the position, company, hiring manager, etc. This background is not a joker.
  • the hiring team reviews my portfolio => haha....after 50 interviews, it was very seldom to notice that they saw my work. I don't have a final answer why, it has to do with the available time what the team has, the high number of applicants and the fact that a lot of people are faking design portfolios...
  • if I get hired as UX Designer, I don't need to prove myself to be a designer in the office => well, you might be surpirsed. This profession in Switzerland is still relatively new. The question is, does it worth to win the company trust or to search for other job.
  • it is enough to have a portfolio to stand out => for a UX position there are around 100 candidates. Now, if somebody goes with the official way (applying for the position through the job portal), that person needs to have really badass resume and portfolio.

... these points came to my mind. There are many ways how you can get into UX and I think the web is full of those. I thought it make sense to share also the dark side, or at least not that fun realities about this profession.

If you find this valuable, let me know and we can explore it in details.