Just too many frameworks

I recently built a web app for a friend.

First I thought I can solve it with Wordpress and plugins. As the requirements became very specific and custom, I saw the need to open up my code editor and write the logic by myself.

I haven't developed for a while, so I started to survey friends and colleagues about recent web technologies. And of course everyone suggested something else. The last front-end language I used was Angular 2, but I needed something with better database support.

I spent many hours in researching and reading about frameworks. The research lead to more confusion. So in the end I listened to my cousin and went for Laravel (a PHP Framework). It took four months on the side to develop the requirements.

After the project I tried few other web technologies (ReactJS, Ruby on Rails, Django Python). I realised, maybe I should not make a big deal about the choice. Yes, it is important that there are people still using and improving it and I can deploy it somewhere. But for example I haven't developed in PHP before, and still Laravel got a nice feature list, documentation and community. So I managed and I had a lot of fun!!👌🏻

Hope this helps you to decrease your anxiety and confusion about web frameworks.