Starting a new year

In the past years I had a web site hosted at Squarespace. They are a nice provider. Very fancy templates, really cool analytics tools.

For me as a developer it felt always like a cheating or being lazy to code my own site. Of course it always depends what the goal of the page is. Back then I felt I want to focus on writing and not bother about the site setup. I actually ended up spending hours to find the perfect template to my need, but I had no success.

Recently I got a side project, to build a reservation system on the web for a client. First I thought I will do it with Squarespace, WIX or Wordpress. The requirements were too custom so I needed to open up Visual Code and develop it.

As I was putting together the tech stack I discovered TailwindCSS. I fell in love with this product! It inspired me so much that I decided to use it on the project. Even after the project I felt I want to create something minimalistic and efficient.

I am a big fan of beautiful minimalistic solutions.

This is how the idea came to use TailwindCSS as CSS framework, NextJS as my Javascript framework and Vercel as the server to deploy my home page.

The people who created these tools put so much attention into the experience of onboarding, learning... It was easy to pick up the knowledge and use it. This site will evolve for sure, but I am already thinking about the next project!