The problem with tutorials

Tutorials for developers are everywhere. I really love them, they are great. However, I noticed few challenges, which I want to share with you, so that you can save time and nerves.

Firstly, let's consider the fact that everything on the web is quickly developing. This also means that certain things are becoming obsolete really quick. The tutorials are no exceptions. For instance, I remember doing a how-to on authentication with NextJS and Firebase. The Firebase library has been updated several times since the video was created, so I needed to puzzle together the solution. Or I had a situation where the library was not compatible anymore with other core libraries, additionally it was not maintained for a while so no solution for that problem.

Secondly, not all editors are explaining the Wny behind their thought process. Knowing why he or she decided to use a specific approach helps a lot to memorize and understand the concept. If an explanation already exist, it takes no effort just to link the source.

I want to conclude with my approach on learning and using new techniques or libraries. Firstly, I try to stay close to the source. These days every technology, library or framework has a nice documentation which is maintained by the core development team (see Angular, React, Svelte and so on). In the documentation is easier to find an up-to-date tutorials and other explanations. I don't just read it, but I try them out. I modify them, and I try to think about a special case where I would use it. Today we have fast computers and internet, installing and using a library takes zero seconds.

Furthermore, I can access their source code and see if that thing is still under development or not. I want to work with library which is active, so that issues are fixed and APIs are up-to-date.

Learning a new concept in software is not easy, therefore it is worth to think about the quality of the material we consume to achieve our goals. Thanks for reading, I hope this was helpful for you.