100 days of illustrations

Best of illustrations

My favorite illustrations, see Behance for full list

Introduction #

It is inspiring to see how many creatives embark on this journey. I wanted to deepen my drawing skills and challenge myself with 100 days of creative work. I chose vector illustrations done in Adobe Illustrator and later I switched to simple raster drawings done with procreate iPad app.

The process #

  1. The first drawings were random topics. After seeing the benefit (highlighting the beautify and fexibility of human body), I focused only on sports.
  2. Each drawing started as a paper sketch made in the morning. Paper because it gave me the freedom to rapidaly iterate over the shapes.
  3. In the afternoon I revisited the sketch, if I still liked it, I scanned and re draw it in Adobe Illustrator.
  4. The last step was to share on social media with people who knew about my challenge.

Lessons learned #

  • Magic happens when you perform an activity over and over again. In my case I became very fluent in sketching and using AI.
  • I was a bit late in this game. Many other people did it before me, therefore it was hard to get feedback.
Chess game illustration

A young and old person playing chess