• 2022

    New year, new level in the game of life. A short article about last year reflections and some high level plans for this year.

  • The problem with tutorials

    Tutorials on software development are everywhere. Their goal is to help us learn and complete our task faster. However, there are few challenges worth keep in mind before engaging with them.

  • Why is software development expensive?

    Sharing my perspective on the process of software development and questioning whether we really need so many reporters and managers.

  • Fluidity

    Exploring fluidity as a design tool to create flow in life. What is it? How is it used right and what are tools which poorly facilitate this quality.

  • Easy makes more

    Making things easy to do incentives to do them more.

  • The need for a design principles update

    A little bit of thinking what new principles we should follow when creating value for people.

  • Hello world


  • What do I need for a career change?

    Years back I had few assumptions about changing my career. I revisited and evaluated those assumptions.

  • Just too many frameworks

    There are just too many. I got recently extra anxious about this topic.

  • Starting a new year

    I wanted to start a new year with a personal project where I learn something new and do something for myself...therefore I recreated my web page.