Ladislav Szolik, UX designer at Swisscom. Researching and designing web applications. Previously, mobile and web UX designer for banking at Credit Suisse. Also worked as Software Engineer at Accenture. From Slovakia, living in Switzerland, Zürich.

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Credit Suisse logo

CSX Mobile Banking

Redesign of the mobile banking experience

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Online payments

Redesign of the payment entry for private and business clients

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Payment entry screen
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Banking design system

Create design system for web and mobile banking

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Web design system in Sketch
Greenwiperz logo

Booking system

Design and develop an online car wash booking system with payments

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Greenwiperz overview of the bookings
Ooofer logo

Partner platform

Design and develop a responsive web app for partners on-boarding


Ooofer partner platform

Digital illustrations

Illustrated 100 different sport throughout 100 days

3 Screens of the final product