Booking system

Design and develop an online car wash booking system with payments


Timeline. Aug 2020 - Dec 2020

Problem statement. A startup company provides mobile car washing services using environmentally friendly cleaning tools. But due to the pandemic, they faced challenges with their schedule and contactless payments.

Goal. The goal of this project was to design and develop a web-based application that allows customers to book and pay for their car washing.

Team. 2 developers, 2 founders

Roles played. Full-stack programmer


Visual design (Figma)

Interaction design (Figma)

Prototyping (InVision, Origami Studio)

Full stack development (PHP - Laravel)

Usability testing

Stakeholder management

Dev ops

Getting started


Before jumping into business requirements, we needed to choose a hosting service, a technology stack, and an online payment provider.

Proposed solutions

Lessons learned

It was overwhelming to analyze all the high-level business needs and experiment with different offers to choose something with confidence. I think this investment is critical, and I learned to never ignore it.

Developing the solution

The application has two types of users: admin and customer. Customers can book, cancel car washing, and manage their cars details. Admins are the car washers; they can see and modify all the bookings. Additionally, they can manage their vacation schedules.

Booking system

The main feature of this booking system is a form, which allows users to make a booking. In my design process I balanced between simple to use and easy to implement. Therefore, I used native text fields, radio buttons, dropdowns, and checkboxes. I excluded complex cards and not native date pickers.

Add new bookings

To enter the location of the car, the user starts to type, and a built-in Google Maps dropdown will suggest places. This was a critical feature because this is how the company informs users whether the service is available in that location.

Once the form was filled out and the payment had been made, showing all bookings was an easy task. We conducted 3–4 rounds of usability testing to fine-tune which columns and actions should be visible.

View all bookings

Lastly, on the booking details view, I've included PDF exports and cancellation. The challenge here was with their business rule. They defined four different time points for cancellation. Even airlines don't have that complexity...

Existing booking details
Existing booking details

Responsive design

One critical requirement was to support mobile screens. Throughout the development, we made sure the app remained easy to use and clear, even on small screens. For example, the bookings list is displayed in card view instead of table view.

Mobile version


Developing such a complex solution with email notifications, payments, etc. was a great learning experience. The application has been successfully shipped and serves the clients of the startup company.

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