Venturing into Acrylic Painting

In this reflective piece, I explore acrylic painting, initiated by a friend's request for original artworks. The journey involves decisions about my artistic themes, the choice of medium, and the acquisition of new skills, with a specific emphasis on understanding the nuances of acrylic paint.

Being a gardener

Having structure in our work days can be a satisfying feeling. Working on projects, collaborating with stakeholders and developers, and meeting deadlines are all part of the job. But is it enough to simply do what has been assigned to us and hope for bonuses and promotions in return?

Making designs easy to implement

In the past few months I haven't done any usability testings nor user interviews. Also, I did not organise any crazy design thinking workshop. Plus, there was no new design challenge on the horizon. I felt bad about it and I wanted to change it. As I was talking with other team mates, I realised we had bigger problems to solve. We needed to find a way to ship the already tested designs. The best way how I could help is to make my existing designs easy to implement. What do I mean by that? Let's have a look.

Working as an in-house designer

Working as a designer has many flavours. You can enjoy the flexible life of a freelancer. Other option is to work at a cool design agency on different projects or work on bigger projects as a consultant. Lastly, some people practice their craft as an in-house designer. How do they differ from each other?

Apple’s “Dictionary” app review

Today I examined Apple’s pre-installed Dictionary app from the interaction design point of view. It is a simple app and you might think, it cannot teach you anything new, but it demonstrates a simpler way to help users find what they are looking for."

Becoming a UX Designer

User Experience (UX) design has became in the last decade a very popular profession. This industry welcomes everyone to participate in the design process. Because of this, many full-time workers are considering to shift their careers and as my own experience shows, it is possible.